Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Smiling man in red flannel with a bar behind him and text: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Mariah Ankenman

“You have to marry me.” As far as proposals go, a demanding plea for marriage is hardly what every girl dreams of. Especially since it comes from her nemesis and best friend’s younger brother Delta Jackson. But it’s the only one Cassandra Brown gets and she’s desperate. She has six months to nab a husband or she’ll lose her grandmother’s house, the only place she’s ever called home.

Del knows Cassie is in a pickle, but so is he. He needs cash to fund his restaurant and prove himself to his family, but no bank will give him a loan. Seems to him they could solve both of their problems. He’ll play the doting fiancé and she’ll give him the startup money, everyone gets what they want.

But soon the two realize their desires aren’t what they first thought and their years of feuding have been hiding a volcanic attraction that’s poised to explode, taking their fake relationship into very real territory.

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