The Dating Dilemma

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Lexi’s Reminders

* Work.

* Don’t think about your birthday tomorrow. Or debt, your crappy apartment, and nonexistent social life.

* Re-stock wine and ice cream.

* Die in a raging blaze of humiliation when the super-hot and very delicious fireman waiting in your office is not, in fact, a strip-o-gram birthday present.

* Reschedule the fire safety inspection you 100 per cent failed because of said humiliation.

* Agree to fake date Mr. Not-A-Strip-O-Gram-Fireman to help him win a bet.

* Note: do not fall for anyone known as “One Night O’Neil.” Red flag.

* Remember that this is fake. Even if his very talented, very real lips are doing sexy things you definitely like.

* Do not bend that one tiny rule. (Well, maybe just a little bit.)

* Don’t be too surprised that when you bend a rule, something is bound to break…


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