Driving Her Wild – A road Trip novella

Cover for Driving Her Wild by Mariah Ankenman with a f/f couple holding each other on a bed

Josie Saunders has had a crush on her brother’s BFF for years, but the older woman has only ever seen Josie as Max’s kid sister. Lucky for her, a chance road trip back home might be just the opportunity she’s been looking for. Time to convince Bex she’s all grown up.

Bex Kirkel would do anything for her best friend. Including driving two and a half hours away to pick up his little sister from the airport. Wouldn’t be a big deal, except she’s had a crush on the younger woman for a few years now. Rule number one in the BFF code “thou shalt not bang siblings.” All she has to do is drive for a few hours and keep her hands to herself. Easy, right?

When disaster strikes, the two women have to spend the night in a roadside motel. Suddenly their secret attraction isn’t so secret anymore. Can Josie convince Bex to see her as more than Max’s sister? And Can Bex risk following her heart if it ends up costing her her best friend?

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