Perfect Imperfections

Cover for Perfect Imperfections by Mariah Ankenman womans bare legs intwined with mans legs in jeans

When life is a ball of anxiety, it’s hard to form relationships. That’s why Ellie Clark prefers animals to people. As one of the head aviary keepers at the Sunlight Zoo, she enjoys spending her days with the feathery friends who don’t judge her OCD compulsions. So, when she saves a child who falls into the penguin pool, Ellie finds it strange she ends up connecting with the young girl. Stranger still is this burning attraction to the young girl’s handsome father.


Dr. Sullivan Green had been taking care of his daughter on his own since his ex-wife left. Charlotte is the top priority in his life. All his care and focus centers on her. But for the first time in years, he feels a yearning to take something for himself. The woman who saved his daughter intrigues him and wakes up something he thought long dead. Something he isn’t sure he can survive again.


The more time Ellie and Sullivan spend together, the more the heat between them builds. Passion ignites, but that’s not all. They discover the bumpy, broken pieces of themselves fit perfectly to form a beautiful picture. One filled with love, family, and acceptance. But are they brave enough to take a risk on love when heartache is always lurking in the shadows?



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