Falling For You

Falling For You

An Aerials Novella

What do you do when a ghost is haunting your attic?

For Tally, the answer is simple: enlist the help of her grumpy, yet capable, neighbor Ruby. The woman who does all the maintenance around the apartment complex hasn’t said more than a dozen words to her in the two years they’ve known each other, but that’s all about to change.

Ruby knows two things. One, seven in the morning is too early to be woken up by her annoyingly cheerful neighbor. And two, ghosts don’t exist. Tally might be beautiful, but the aerialist had some strange ideas about the sounds coming from the attic. Ghosts? More like rats.

When a late-night ghost hunt ends in injury, the two grow closer. But will their differences lead to a happily ever after, or is their love as doomed as the ghost who haunts their attic?

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