Love In The Air – An Aerialist Novella

Cover for Live IN The Air by Mariah Ankenman with a M/F couple looking at each other and smiling

Izadora Grant landed her dream with a traveling aerial show. The only problem? She’s partnered with nemesis, Chance O’Brien. In high school he stole her college scholarship and her date to prom. Now he’s stealing her moment of joy. If she wants to keep her dream—and sanity—she’s needs to fake a friendship with the one person who drives her up the wall.

Chance can’t believe Iz is standing in front of him glaring. Okay, he can believe the glaring part. He can’t help pushing her buttons. Something about facing off against the feisty woman sets a fire within.

Only now they need to stop one-upping each other and start getting along. Both have dreams and promises riding on this show. But the more they fake a friendship, the realer things get. Soon, the two discover their lifelong competition has been hiding an undercurrent of attraction neither can ignore.

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