Claiming Her Crown: A shifter Novella

Cover for Claiming Her Crown with a couple on the front

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After enduring a terrifying mating claim hunt on the orders of her father, pack princess Freya Cirillo escaped with the help of the pack’s strongest hunter, Daxton Graves. Now, eight years later, he’s back. Her father is dead, her pack is in trouble, and she’s the only one who can save them. But not everyone believes she’s capable of leading. She’s not as strong as the other shifters. But she has something none of them have… a need to prove herself.

Dax believes in Freya. He always has. She might be physically weaker, but the spark of fire inside her burns brighter than he’s ever seen. He would do anything in his power to help her, protect her, and if she’d allow it… love her.

When Freya’s claim to the throne is challenged, she needs to prepare for a fight. She’ll need to rely on more than brute force to take down her adversary and claim her crown. She has a pack to protect. But will her weakness cause her to fail in her mission? And will these feelings she had for Dax be her salvation or her downfall?

*Previously published in the I Am The Fire Charity Anthology*

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